Why choose Anti Green Odor?

Anti Green Odor is the best Smoke Neutralizer for bad smells resulting from CBD and Tobacco consumption. If you want a natural solution to bad smells, then look no further!
AGO™ is specially formulated to get rid of unwanted smells. We are here to help you keep your smoking private and personal.

What makes AGO™ different from other smoke Neutralizers?


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How does AGO™ work to neutralize Smoke Odors?


What Our Customers Are Saying About Us

I received my package which included 4 different scents. I smoke a lot in my house so I really needed something good to help neutralise the smell. These were amazing! The flavours are so strong and I only needed to use a couple of spritz after smoking so they are lasting me a really long time! I particularly liked the Mint Rush. Thank you so much will definitely be purchasing again!

Daisy C. "United Kingdom (UK)"

At first I was very critical about these neurtalizing smoke odors because I tried out those candles before that are supposed to eliminate the smell of smoke and they never worked. But when I got these 4 different smelling sprays I was positively surprised! My favorite type is for sure the Lavender Storm because it makes the room smell so good. You only need a tiny amount to get really intense smell so be careful when you first try them out!

Katya G. "The Netherlands (NL)"

I pulled it from my post: This stuff is pretty awesome! I smoked in my moms car and sprayed this a couple times, then had my mom go smell the car and she couldn’t smell any smoke odor. She really liked the smell, she totally hates the smell of smoke, so this is definitely a very handy spray!

James G. "United States (USA)"

I was a little bit shocked but it works! I love the smell of cigarette but I don't really like having it at home especially when friends are visiting me. Also I don't own my flat so I don't wanna anybody know that I smoke here. My favorite smell is the Grapefruit Cyclone, Lavender Storm is perfect after cigarette before sleep.

Anna Z. "United Kingdom (UK)"

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We always focus on designing the best possible strategy to bring the
best product to market that will cater to our clients‘ needs. Ultimately, client satisfaction is our main goal. We aimed to provide you with the best solution for your odor issues.