About us

Combining effective natural ingredients, ancient rituals and modern science to create products with a changing experience.

 AGO™ provides natural solutions to bad smells resulting from hemp and tobacco consumption. We operate by a philosophy that every individual has a right to make a personal choice of smoking hemp. With our products, we help people to keep their smoking private and personal.

Despite hemp is legalized in several countries around the world. Its negative general perception prevalent in society attaches a stigma to hemp smoking.  
Understanding the needs of all such individuals, our products offer a solution that helps hemp smokers to get rid of unwanted smells. With effective and safe products, we ensure every individual should live a lifestyle of his or her own personal choice.

Since several of the people dislike the hemp odor coming to them from their neighbors. By not letting smoke odors go outdoors, we are contributing to the cause of peaceful communities.
Being a customer-centric organization, we pay special attention to address customers needs while ensuring their safety.
Our products are effective and perfectly safe to use in the home. With 100% non-toxic natural formula, these smoke-odor removing products are safe to spray around kids and pets.

Reflecting our organizational commitment to customers empowerment and choice, our product range offers several size, formula and scent variations to our customers.
We have developed products that cater to a wide range of customers bad smell removing needs. Coming in four powerful formulas and three sizes, our product range offers flexibility and choice to the customers.